February 12, 2018


London-based, singer-songwriter Jareth has just released her newest single “Kaleidoscope”, and it is getting a lot of attention. Produced by Charlie J Perry, the song has been featured on BBC 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1, as well as KISS, and for good reason.

The song begins subtly with an illusive and airy tone, “…with just a percussive heartbeat as Jareth’s ethereal vocal dances atop a downward spiralling piano loop”, and she sings; “Walkin’ in a deep sleep / Dream feet / I felt lucid / What are these powers / All the bruise / And the sun / I hope it all works out / Fire is the spirit in the soul, don’t hold let’s move it / All of these hands can reach out beyond the body of the host I swear…”.

The tempo picks up as the chorus comes; “Roll over / Roll over / Is how they expect me to play / Roll over / Come over / I bet you didn’t expect me to say…”, as she goes on to describe the exploration of the subconscious and self-awareness.

The lyrics explain confronting fears and learning to “hypnotize yourself back to health”, through music. Jareth sees music as a form of therapy and believes that by putting her negative thoughts into creativity, she has found clarity and created an “…infinite source of inspiration just waiting to surface”. The beat picks up again about a minute and a half in, and is reminiscent of Lorde. Combined with her jazzy vocals, “Kaleidoscope” is a soothing, yet upbeat track.

The second verse further divulges what Jareth is really feeling; “I know when I see sometimes / That you’re not everything I need in life / Kinda makes me wonder / Well if I feel whole / Then maybe I’ll get through and do this on my own…Yeah I feel sometimes / That you’re not everything I need in life / Kinda makes me wonder / Well if I feel old / Then maybe I’ll get through and do this on my own…”. These lyrics give more meaning and depth to the track, which is also hinted with the slight change in the following chorus; “Roll over / Roll over / This it / It aint over…”.

Jareth amazes listeners by showcasing her vocal ranges in this song, but transitions without being overbearing. This can be especially heard 2:48mins in as her voice and the beat coincide; rising and falling together, creating a relaxing but intricate sound. The tones of the song change from a relaxed Lana Del Ray tone, to a belting Rihanna vocal. The third verse comes in and reminds the audience of the meaning of the song: the exploration of the subconscious and self-awareness; “Rollin’ all alone / So cold it felt breezy / What if these plans don’t work out, it’s a doubt / I shout when my mind’s closed / Water is the spirit of the hold, so strong yet easy / I think of the suns and the tide and the moon and how it all plays out…”. The particular moment she shows her “Rihanna”-pipes, is as she sings; “Find a way / Right away / Before it all comes tumbling down / I need to / Find a way / Right away / Find a way / Right away…”.

Repeating the chorus, Jareth brings the song to a calm ending. Almost like a resolve to her exploration.

With a collaborative list including Rene LaVice, Bashy, Lioness, Ghetts, Cheryl and Chris Lake, fans are anticipating her next EP; “Moonchild”, expected to release later this year.

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