February 12, 2018


Sleep State’s new track represents the band’s overall feel quite efficiently: they’re a little bit “Awkward.” And while most pop artists might try to shy away from this label, the trio takes advantage of their quirkiness, their trials and tribulations, and channels it into a fresh indie-pop sound. The latest single, “Awkward,” describes a story any of us weirdos can appreciate. It follows an unrequited love that dates back to high school days. It’s not heart wrenching or sad. It’s bubbly, refreshingly honest, and oddly uplifting for a song about a guy who does not get the girl.

“Awkward” stays in tune with Sleep State’s previous sound. The LA-based band is known for their indie, feel-good vibes. With frontman Troy Ritchie’s smooth vocals taking the forefront of the band’s sound, the group also includes influences from Motown, synth-pop and hit sounds of today. Keyboardist/backup vocalist, Michael Haua and drummer, Parker Jackson make up the other two-thirds of this indie power trio.

So if you’ve ever chased a girl or a boy around endlessly, perhaps one you didn’t even know that well, “Awkward” may be able to give you some solace in knowing you weren’t the only one.

Check out this new track from Sleep State now.

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