February 12, 2018


Fresh from the studio comes “…a brooding, alt-Valentine’s Day song…” from singer Kamilah called “So Long”, co-written with emerging R&B artist Sho. The track is deeply emotional from the start, with her voice gently creeping in, in a ballad-esq way. This would be the soundtrack playing in the back of your mind as “…you’re stumbling into memories of a former lover you don’t necessarily regret, but know you’re better off without”.

The song begins with a dramatic piano intro, slow and melodic as the first chorus comes in; “Somber shadows in the streetlight glow / There’s nobody around / Only silence in the boundless snow / I’m drifting towards the ground / And the heaviness of your echoed words and things I should’ve said / The relief I feel…”. The second verse outlines the difficulty of being alone at first, but again how she knows with time she will be better off; “Turned my back and wrapped myself in sheets / Would I be warmer with you near / Backs of unknown force your bound to me / Tenderness I cant afford to feel…” Kamilah’s low almost jazzy vocals are incredible in this track, she begins with tones similar to Jewel, but by the end, brings in her power chords and cranks it up to an Alicia Keys style song. Deep and heartfelt, her vocals are especially showcased after the second verse (about 2mins in), when she releases the listener into an audio euphoria. There is a brief silence before Kamilah introduces an intense vocal build and really shows off her professionalism in range. What ensues is a mash-up of different sounds, with Kamilah’s voice layered, and dancing through them. This is definitely the highlight of the song. Every note is sung with such power, yet she keeps the track comforting and calm still. The song ends strong and peaks interest with a hint of distortion, which is then composed quietly to bring it all to a slow end. Similar to the feeling described in the first verse, the listener feels a “sombre shadow” as the distortion fades out. “So Long” was officially distributed on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 on all major platforms including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Tidal, among others. Kamilah also performed at National Sawdust on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 where she premiered the song ‘So Long’ live.

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