February 13, 2018


“Hey Brenda, How’s it going?

It’s been a real long time since we met at private school”

That guitar synth sound wastes no time to kick in right at the 3rd bar as he starts this letter. The laid-back vocals hit beautiful melodies that are just enough in key to have a unique tone. Nashville’s Mr. Gabriel reminds himself of some personal heartache which was self-inflicted from his teenage years. For lovers of HONNE and Klangstof, this song is a nice listen with even more unfamiliar elements which put it in a league of its own.

“Milennial Falcon of my dreams, are you real or just a fantasy?”

Tame Impala vibes are evident instantly. Even the dialogue before the second verse reminds me of how they did that on “Past Life”

The Pulsing bass synths drive the song throughout it’s entirety. The track has an upbeat vibe that is very easy to get swept-up in and bob one’s head which is the mark of a truly effective beat and hook. “Are you real, or just a fantasy?” repeats through the entire song’s length and is certainly going to get stuck in the listener’s head after just one listen and is a concept that most listeners can relate to. we have all at one point or another met someone that takes our breath away to the point of questioning if they’re really real. The way to vocals are produced/recorded/mixed gives them a very “huge” quality too them. they compliment the upbeat and party-driven instrumentals perfectly.

The song ends very abruptly, leaving the listener wanting more. “I can’t get over you” is he last line spoken in the song and the cuts off right as that passes. For those searching for a fun song to dance to, look no further.

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