February 17, 2018


The LA Based collective NEO NOIR are back with their first release of 2018 entitled “Made For You”, featuring frequent collaborator Brooke Williams. Brooke was featured on NEO NOIR’s first release back in April of 2017 called “When I Was Young”, which is currently sitting at 1.5 million plays and counting on Spotify.

NEO NOIR, the Future Music collective stemming from Los Angeles revolves around producers Bradley Allan, & Greg Ogan whom have some notable production credits between the two. To name a few, they have worked with Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Brandi, Sean Kingston, Justin Beiber, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna, a truly vast and impressive catalogue to say the least.

Bradley, and Greg formed NEO NOIR at the start of 2017 as a passion project with the goal of creating music via collaborations with talented vocalists that share their artistic vision. The thought was that through this strategy they could push boundaries, as well as experiment freely, more so than when producing specifically for other artists.

“Made For You” starts off with some intriguing production via some piano based synths, allowing an easy transition to Brooke Williams noticeably smooth vocals, and the rustling of finger snaps that work to guide the track. The powerful drop completely transforms the song from a catchy, almost calming tune, to a hard hitting electro production. “Made For You” is a unique, quirky tune that combines NEO NOIR’s diverse influences to make something completely their own.

Stay tuned, because NEO NOIR have a bunch of releases scheduled for this year, which even include a number of Major Label releases coming out in the next couple of months. NEO NOIR is just getting started, and they’re hitting the ground running.

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