February 19, 2018


The Soft White Sixties are a nice mix of modern indie rock with somewhat nostalgic elements. This song has nice mood changes in between the up-tempo verse areas with the spread out more epic hook. The synth introduced later on compliments the guitars very well too, its a nice fusion of sounds that match the vocalists dreamy, laid back tone.

The clip features a collage of sensationalized news and exaggerated soundbites about American ideals, intertwined with live footage of the band. “Brick By Brick” is available in both English and Spanish and will be released on limited edition 7” vinyl. The band will be releasing a new album in early 2018 and recorded each track in both English and Spanish.

“Who are the people of America?

Childen of America”

The lyric video is genius, having the words appear as healines on “News 60, The highest channel in news” with co-responding images to match.

Growing up speaking both languages, frontman Octavio Genera always wondered what it would be like to sing in Spanish, he was too insecure to try it professionally. “Speaking and singing in a language are two different things,” says Genera. “There was a feeling of joy and passion when I sang these songs in Spanish that I wasn’t expecting. And then hearing the songs back — it was right.”

Also check out this SoFar set they did below

And ironically here, them on the news describing Brick by Brick

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