February 26, 2018


Coming all the way from Oslo, Norway is Sondrey’s latest release “I’m No Good For You”. Sondrey, whose given name is Sondre Mulongo, was adopted at just three days old in Kenya, and says music has been a big part of his life for as long as he can remember.

Though he now resides in Norway, Sondrey credits his career to his time spent in church from a young age; “I grew up in church, and from church I learned to play the drums and little bit of singing. But it wasn’t until I turned 8 years old I learned to play the piano and the guitar. When I graduated high school I had also by then taken singing lessons for 2 years”. Soon after, Sondrey took an interest in producing, and though he admits he still has a lot to learn, is excited to now be producing his own songs from start to finish. Self-described as his own brand of “chill R&B influenced pop”, he definitely has undertones of “The Weeknd” and “Drake”, while still maintaining his own style.

The song is undoubtedly a chill beat, with the lyrics describing a “…musician’s life and its incompatibility with relationships”, and how you need to be with certain types of people if you want to live a certain lifestyle. The tone makes it clear that Sondrey has realized this long ago and is simply being pre-emptively realistic; “The fact that I don’t care is so much easier / Telling you that we were something real / Music took my soul and made me fade away / From you when you were begging me to stay / I’m no good for you / No, no, no…”

The track continues to tell the story of how she used to call him all the time, but when his answers were always about being in the studio or working on a beat, she slowly stopped calling. As a passionate artist, he knew he wasn’t good for her and the type of relationship she wanted with him. When his friends ask why he’d changed and why he didn’t care about being with her, he tells them how he really feels; because the lifestyle he knows he wants to lead and how he spends his time, would be no good for her. Plain and simple. Sondrey explains it best, as “…a breezy night tune with honesty”, using a relaxing tone and rhythm to be honest lyrically. The song slowly fades out, just as it faded in, and leaves the listener feeling mellow and in thought.

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