February 26, 2018


From California-based trio, The Habits, comes their newest single “Ghost”. Comprised of singer/guitarist Wolf Bradley, pianist Chance Famighetti, and drummer Andrew Macatrao, the electro-pop / alt-indie group has a sound unique to them, but inspired by artists such as “Maroon 5” and “Cage the Elephant”. Since meeting in the blue-collar town of San Pedro, CA, the group have grown-up together and are “…more like brothers than band members”. Basing themselves on the idea of putting “…real-life scenarios to a moving beat” to capture exactly how they feel, is clearly portrayed in their release of “Ghost”.

This upbeat song is one that will easily get stuck in your head as the vocals ride the beat perfectly, in an almost melancholic way. The underlying energy, mixed with the engaging tone makes this track exciting, while the lyrics are a bit deeper. The Habits tell “A tale of a past life that you can’t shed…much like that of reconnecting with your past. As soon as you think you have it all figured out, life throws a curveball your way”. A feeling many people can relate to in one way or another. However, the boys still keep it fun with “bite size melodies that are impossible to get out of your head”. After years of working together closely and playing many shows, the band has “…honed in on their live show skills, giving their audience a lively and fun show experience”, which they have also transferred into their latest hit, “Ghost”.

Want to hear more from The Habits? Well, you can likely catch them “Playing pretty much every bar, club, basement, and alleyway in LA”, or if you’re not Cali-local, check out their website & Facebook for more.

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