February 27, 2018


Colin Magalong grew up on the San Francisco peninsula, where he found a love of a huge range of artists including the hit DJ duo Daft Punk, pop legend Michael Jackson, and hip-hop star Kid Cudi. Growing up with forces like these to shape his music taste makes it no surprise that Magalong’s songs are as unique and as catchy as they come!

With his debut single Blossom, Magalong is the latest to bring back the 90s through music, using an amazing blend of pop, funk, and R&B to do so. Right after the first vocals come in, he pays tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson through his raspy and captivating voice (we hear Bruno Mars too of course). There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a song to make you truly appreciate an artist. Like much of the music I write about (but still quite uniquely), Blossom is a song that makes it easy to want to dance, even if you’re not typically a dancer. While this may not be a song to play at a club, it is definitely a song that I can picture myself dancing to alone in my room when I’m in a good mood, or on a warm summer evening while outside with friends.

Having your debut track put the listener in a warm and happy mood is a surefire sign that we are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more of Colin Magalong in the near future. Don’t forget to check out his SoundCloud.

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