March 1, 2018


From the beautiful shores of Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada, comes the beautifully melodic styling’s of Jenni Roberge aka “Jenni & the Hummingbird”. Recently releasing a video to her song “Am I Odd?”, Jenni explores a whole new world both audibly and visually.

“Am I Odd?” combines her East coast roots with a melodic, almost Keltic background. Beginning with a beautiful piano intro, the tone is harmonious, reminiscent of Maggie Rogers and Enya. It is hypnotic and dreamy, simplistic, yet dramatic. Jenni credits her pianistic influences to “…the simple melodies and cinematic soundscapes of Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, and enchanting music of Norwegian artist “AURORA”. Jenni and the Hummingbird follows in their footsteps by creating “..sounds that resonate from the heart and include all nuances of the emotions experienced in life”. This could also be interpreted at times when the lyrics are slightly “blurred” or unclear, perhaps mirroring “nuances of the emotions” and undefined moments in life. Inspired by the poetry of William Wordsworth, Edmund Spenser, and John Keats; Jenni and the Hummingbird’s lyrics are reflective of the changing times.

In a recent interview, Jenni explains the meaning behind “Am I Odd”; “The song sort of explores a few topics, although I’d say it’s really about trying to find your identity in this world, or questioning the one you already have. How does this new world mould your ego? Does your ego matter? Some big questions, but Millefiore (referring to director Millefiore Clarkes) did an incredibly beautiful job on exploring these sorts of questions in the music video. My goal is to leave listeners and viewers asking themselves some larger questions about themselves”. Which it certainly does.

Speaking of the video, it is a must-see. Shot by filmmaker and documentarian Millefiore Clarkes, it is angelic, thought provoking, and mesmerising. Coinciding with the lyrics, it takes the viewer on a journey of self-discovery. Naturalistic combined with suited, subtle effects, it takes the audience through the stages of natural life. The video begins with an embryo, then transitioning to birth, then to rebirth. Although, while all this is happening, things are also reverting in nature; leaves are coming up off the ground and returning to their branches, snowflakes reform and go back up into the sky. All the while, the female subject is walking through the forest in awe, in discovery, with an almost naïve idea of what is going on around her. This reverts back to the title of the track “Am I Odd?”, as she has no idea what is normal, what is new, and what is odd.

Later in the video the woman is seen running through the dark forest she started in, what was wondrous is now worrisome. Suddenly it seems she has stumbled upon the “darker” side of life (or perhaps self-discovery), and is confused, trying to follow the path back to her roots.

The video ends in an almost biblical fashion, as if to summon the powers of creation. This can also be seen in the colour symbolism throughout the video: predominantly red and blue at the beginning, transitioning to black and white by end, perhaps representative of a self battle, or good and evil. The retreat throughout the video could be interpreted as self-doubt in the new discovery, or retreat to what is known. Similar to the changing of the seasons and as everything retreats back into its comfortable hibernation; Mother Nature’s circle of seasons. The Circle of Life.

As Jenni said herself; “Being truly yourself comes with resistance. We are surrounded by individuals who mimic behaviours without ever finding the rhythm of their own dance. When you embrace and express yourself, you get to experience true identity; the dark and the light. My music is my true identity”. Find yourself a quiet, relaxing moment to put on “Am I Odd?”, and become immersed in the melodic tones of “Jenni and the Hummingbird”. After that, be sure to check out her latest debut EP “Your Masterpiece”, freshly released on February 23, 2018.

Can’t get enough of Jenni and the Hummingbird?, listen to her whole debut EP “Your Masterpiece” below.

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