March 8, 2018


Brittany Scott just released “Gun to My Head”. Stream the single below as you read the artist interview!

Tell us a bit more about yourself, what’s your background?

I was brought up out west in Vancouver BC. I am also a Musical Theatre graduate from Capilano University in North Vancouver and that’s basically it. I’m pretty average LOL OH! and I’m super weird personality wise.

You list Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and Ella Fitzgerald as your inspirations. How did they help in shaping the artist you have become today?

These artists are a huge reason why I have a bit of soulful sound to my voice. I always loved these artists tones, and the big belty jazz notes! My voice naturally is quite loud and full and practicing to all of them had taught me to embrace what I naturally had rather than being intimidated and afraid of it. A powerful voice has it’s pros and cons in the industry and even after a rough day going back to singing Aretha and Ella reminded me to just stay true to my voice and sound.

What’s Your Songwriting Process?

My life is far from routine and I try to write from my own experiences. I make a GIANT word bubble and come up with every word that could best described the situation, that usually gets my brain going and the person I am writing with if doing a collaboration. I do better when a scratch track is made before the lyrics are written. And that also helps with creating some cool melodies that can lend to how the situation may be if I’m sad or angry, and then the melodies kinda help with the words to fit in the actual song and then the song just starts to form.

Let’s talk about your first single with NU, “Gun to My Head”. What is the story behind it?

This is a tough one to be descriptive about. It is personal, but it came from a relationship I was in and the song is me singing about my own life lesson. The Chorus in “Gun to my Head” is discovering that you have power and control over your own feelings and actions. Don’t let someone else take your power and manipulate who you are and how you truly feel.

“Gun to My Head” is a blend of several genres and combines elements of R&B and Electro-pop music; which is a pretty popular sound nowadays. Do you follow the current musical trends? How would you best describe your sound?

I try to keep up with the musical trends haha there is so much out there now! At this point I would best describe my sound as twisted dark electronic music. I honestly can’t pin point it just yet. haha I guess that’s the good fun about discovering who you are as an artist.

You posted some behind the scenes footage of the video online a while ago. Tell us about your experience on set and the visuals for the single.

My experience on set was an absolute blast!! I was surrounded by and working with incredibly talented people who were patient with my quirkiness and passionate about the whole video. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

The visuals were kept very simple for this music video. We wanted to tell the story and get straight to the point. When you watch the video you know exactly what the song is about.

During the shoot I didn’t wear much make up for the music video, and I felt a little intimidated with the camera right up in my face hahah It was such an interesting experience performing and not being stage ready which is what I am normally use to. This was a very bare and real moment for me.

How about live performances? Walk us through the typical setup, warm-up, and break down procedures for your performances. / Do you ever get nervous before a performance?

If I have the day off prior to the night of the show I’m usually resting or sleeping. Most shows can call for a sound check during the day or the evening depending on how set up is going. I have not been in a position yet where I have had to set up everything myself so I can’t really comment on that. Then about 3 to 4 hours before performance I eat and warm up my voice in the shower. If I have any high belts I check to make sure I can hit them and that when I do they’re sitting comfortably and not forced. If it’s feeling forced I find I need to warm up a little bit longer and stretch. Then I start getting my hair and make up ready. Then I’ll arrive to the show. If a sound check is needed we get all that done. Then it’s chatting and waiting till it’s time to perform. After performance, everything get’s torn down and put away where it belongs. Usually a good time to thank everyone for coming and to maybe have drink. I find once I’m done performing I have a performance high for about 2 hours and then I’m like BED hahaha

So I do actually do get Nervous before a performance. About an hour and half before I get up it starts. I wish I didn’t have nerves. I remember one time I called my dad all frantic telling him I wish I didn’t have to feel this way and he said some people just get that way. He told me about a rockstar who would throw up before every performance so he said just be thankful you’re not doing that! I’ve had Nerves since I basically started performing. I’m constantly battling them and at this point I’m not sure if it is something that will go away for me. I guess time will tell. The moment I hit the stage, they completely disappear.

Is there anywhere you dream of performing?

This is so random and remember this is a DREAM lol But I would love to perform at Wembley Stadium in London, England. So I am a huge fan of Queen and I watched an unreal performance of them on video, it was their Live Aid 1985 concert, and I was like, OMG if I could ever make it as a performer I want to perform there and have as much fun as they did.

What is it like being on an independent label? Do you find it creatively rewarding?

NU is my first real label that I’ve actually partnered and worked with. It is one of the most respectful environments I’ve been in filled with a lot of talented and passionate people. With that being said it gives a safe environment to create, write and have opinions on what is happening when it comes to the artist’s work. At least from my perspective it’s the first time I’ve been able to express myself and be heard, and my thoughts be taken into consideration. So YES it is very much creatively rewarding. It’s also

created for me the confidence to be proud and happy with my work. I got to be very honest with my songs and it’s very cool that this time when I’m judged it’s based on material that is real not a lie.

You are currently working on your debut EP, what can we expect from this project?

Probably a whole lot of different and unique. I don’t look like how I sound and I’ve been working at becoming very accepting of that. I think this project is really going to show something that I have discovered about myself that’s not really expected from me based on my appearance and who I am in general.

What is your dream collaboration?

The Weeknd. Love his work, I have a lot respect for his artistry and brand, and I hope it can happen.

What do you wish to achieve through your music?

I want to inspire everyone to trust themselves sooner than I did. I hope that I can help with achieving more acceptance with one another and to show everyone what it’s like to keep your power and believe in yourself.

Final words?

I want everyone to sing really loud, and dance their Heart out. xo

Stream “Gun To My Head” below and stay tuned for the video and more content coming very soon.

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