March 8, 2018


Nashville native and genre defying artist Ernest K. fuses Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B; genres and sounds he has been listening his whole life. Ernest K. started learning banjo in the third grade and grew up making beats while listening to Eminem, Jay-Z or John Mayer.

His sound is a diary of his life experiences and while entertaining and danceable, his songs always have a story resting beneath the surface.

That is also the case for his new single, “Cuss, Fight, F**k” where Ernest K. got to dig into some of his soul influences. The track is a soulful, refreshing hip-hop song about relationships and was inspired by Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire and Eminem for the rap sections.

Talking about the song, Ernest. K says : “To me, this is the epitome of a true ‘love song’. It’s about the most real aspects of any relationship. You’re gonna have times where you’re at each others neck and nights when one of you just ain’t feelin’ it at the moment… but at the end of any day, y’all love each other and know that there isn’t anyone else that you would rather be going through this crazy mess called love with.”

The video for “Cuss, Fight, F**k” also demonstrates Ernest K.’s wild sense of humour. Indeed, the light-hearted video has Ernest playing three caricatures that mimic the 70s vibe of the song: “I love acting and using different personas and I thought this video would be the perfect way to introduce that side of me to the world. I wanted the video to be as fun as classic as the song. I think we nailed it”,

 explains the rapper.

“Cuss, Fight, F**k” is taken from Ernest K.’s self-titled debut EP, out now via Big Loud / Human Re Sources / Tree Vibez.

Check the video for the single below.

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