March 9, 2018


Honest and real, genre-bending and original, Becky & the Birds’ debut flourishes proudly with a statement of love, independence and inner beauty. It’s any airy, indie-electronic and trip-hop inspired track that doesn’t fit onto just one playlist. At times it is atmospheric, distant, and often enigmatic. It is also dripping with airy pop vocals and soft electronic production that have driven comparisons to the likes of Solange and SZA. A well crafted introduction to the world, this 21-year old from Örebro, Sweden sets the mark high for herself as she quickly attracts attention from the media and the seal of approval from fellow Swede, Tove Lo.

When Thea Gustafsson decided to take on the name Becky & the Birds, she had hit a frustrating place as an musician. After working with people who tried to manipulate her vision, she knew she had to take her career into her own hands. “I can’t do this anymore,” Gustafsson explains, “- having all these dudes mansplaining, sitting with their spread legs.” The young artist gave herself a new name and began to create music, production included, by herself. Now, with the release of her debut song, she can be proud to say that she put out something that reflected herself, and did a damn good job doing it.

Along with the release of “Holding On,” Becky & the Birds has put out a video that compliments the DIY artistry behind the track. Featuring friends of Gustafsson’s, the video showcases couples in love, and self-empowered images of beauty and confidence. With the help of photographer Sandra Thorsson, the artist navigates the themes of her song with Stockholm set as her backdrop.

Thea Gustafsson wants people to interpret “Holding On” however they choose to do for themselves, but for Becky & the Birds, it contains a bundle of emotions that range from love and hope, to anger and frustration.

Experience both the beauty and chaos in “Holding On” now:

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