March 16, 2018


New York-based artist Cautious Clay was recently featured as Soundcloud’s an artist to watch in 2018 and has collaborated with the likes of Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine, and has even charted on Apple Music’s Alternative chart. Now the 24-year-old has released his highly anticipated EP, Blood Type . The song that stood out to us on the EP was my new favorite “Blood Type.”

“Blood Type” showcases Cautious Clay incredible writing, vocal, and production skills. At times his vocal tone reminds me of Kid Cudi.

This EP is an epic journey from start to end that embodies the sound Cautious Clay has developed as his own. Each track on the EP, builds on the next, showcasing this multifaceted artist.

His smooth R&B/gospel vocals, harmonies and lyrics are truly what make the song,

“Cynicism in the face of Love I’m Insecure Stigmatism in the chase for worthI need more Left right brain Attitude memories on the floorCus we all made do for the Clear cutted!”

Check it out here:

#urban #cautiousclaybloodtype

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