March 19, 2018


Self-proclaimed “music boy” Franke puts out his first offering in 2 months entitled “Italy”. A bouncy new single featuring an impressive vocal delivery, fun message, and addictive sound.

Franke, the future of LA’s music scene released his first single “Home Alone” only 8 months ago, and has dropped 2 subsequent songs since the release of “Italy”. “Italy” starts off with a clever voicemail setting the tone for the forthcoming track. Offering a simple, yet catchy production, “Italy” allows Franke’s vocals to take center stage, presenting a fun feeling, and positive vibe.

“It’s all about sex. Just about being able to casually kick it with a girl, and both being ok with that type of relationship, just on that be young, have fun type of vibe. Got a long time to be old and a very short time to be young. Society puts a stigma on having fun, but fuck that – sometimes you need to just have a good time” – Franke

Check the music boy’s soundcloud to hear a couple more songs that offer some more of Franke’s electric sound.

#indiepop #frankeitaly

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