March 20, 2018


While both haunting and dreamy, “Slow Burn,” by Hamilton singer-songwriter Fanny Price, is also a powerful pop song. Driven by a staccato of production and a moving bass line, the artist’s debut track is a lyrical ballad that does not stay confined to one box. On both her recorded version and her live, stripped down video, Price proves her song writing chops, but also that this is a track with multiple dimensions. As apart of Other Songs record label, the young singer makes a noteworthy debut.

“Slow Burn” begins much as you would expect. It’s lyrical and full of breathe as Price let’s her airy vocals trace over light instrumentation. The track soon picks up, becoming something more cinematic and elaborate. There is a heavy use of electronic production, as well as live instrumentation, however, these sounds fit neatly into the piece with a delicate arrangement. Coupled with melodic piano chords that really shine on the stripped version, “Slow Burn” is an assortment of emotions and a song that stays true to its title.

Listen to “Slow Burn” now.

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