March 20, 2018


Madilyn Bailey drops electronic, enticing track and lyric video “Tetris”. The vibes in this track perfectly match the visuals used in the video. The neon and bright colours perfectly match the light and fun electronic music in the mix. The instrumentals are very simple which compliment the vocals performance very well and help it stand out, but the vocals do not overshadow the instrumentals. Lyrically the track is all about the rush and excitement that come along with a new passionate romantic experience. It’s a feeling that we have all felt and all really enjoy. The subtle use of 8-bit sounding synths also compliment the Tetris/Nintendo theme without it being too overdone in the production. The lyrics give the image of laying in bed with a new love and the internal butterflies that come from such an experience.

A few years ago, Bailey did a cover of Titanium by Sia which now has well over one million views. It’s clear to see that Sia is a big influence on her music as any Sia fan will feel right at home with her style of music.

Bailey says ““Tetris is a song I wrote about how two completely different people with completely different back grounds, quirks, passions AKA “shapes” can come together to make one beautiful picture. I think at times we all need to be reminded that in a relationship it’s not about being perfect but about how we can complement each other, imperfections and all.” That is very inspiring and something that I think we all may forget at times.

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