March 20, 2018


The track features a very energetic and fun “Kaytranada” type-beat and instrumentation that is very true to the electro-pop and dance archetype. The song suits the track artwork perfectly as they are both very bright and colourful in tone. I can see this song doing well in the club atmosphere as dancing to the track will not be difficult in the slightest. Orange even has a slight psychedelic feel to which keeps it sounding fresh and dynamic. The song maintains it’s upbeat tempo throughout the entire song and keeps up with the same type of “airy” instrumentals. The verses shift to a tad more mellow but when the chorus kicks back it, it’s hard not to nod one’s head along. The mixing of the song gives off a very futuristic vibe, but still has some elements of electronic music and hip-hop from the past decades.

Lyrically the song tackles a subject that is much darker in vibe than it’s instrumentals, which is something that I personally have always been sucker for. Orange talks about chaos and the scary realization of such. unfortunately, I think that that is something that a lot of listeners will be able to relate to and understand. The track’s lyrics also talk about the optimism and excitement that comes from moving on from that fear that comes from such chaos and turning that into a positive thing.

This is very Soulection. I wonder if Joe Kay has spun it on the radio show already.

#electronic #nasayaorangecehryl

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