March 30, 2018


This south asian sample fits perfectly with this 808 heavy future bass sound. It’s an experimental-electronic vibe I haven’t heard before. I think its a perfect balance of unique sample, hard bass and delicate synth chords. There is also nice structure and variation in the progression. The moment where the chants stop, the synths and melodies remind me a lot of Sinjin Hawke, even those little laser sounds in the percussion.

I’m trying to think if this would be better with vocal structure overtop but it’s so pretty as is, I think its best left as an instrumental piece. That’s how you know the producer really provided an interesting listening experience with the storytelling from the sounds alone.

Dunya is the last track on Axel Thesleff‘s new EP “Two Words”. Listen to this uplifting blend of east and west below, along with the rest of the new EP! The producer from Helsinki, Finland will leave you breathless with these unique tracks.

#electronic #axelthesleffdunya

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