March 30, 2018


We’re welcomed with lo-fi imagery to match the minimal compressed sound. Teen Ravine really bring something unique here. Take in those layered vocoder vocal sections that come and go as they please. I remember being iffy about this one at first but it really grows into a pleasant listen to that progresses more and more.

There’s such a heavy contrast between the soft-spoken vocals that are followed by big orchestral sections of chords. The production paints such a beautiful portrait and leaves enough ambient space for his soothing voice to still calmly sing to us.

Teen Ravine are also from Toronto, this would be a wild live experience to hear in concert. It’s such a different approach from their previous song “Friend of a Friend” which is a lot more upbeat and 80’s pop sounding. They’re keeping their sound evolving and innovative and thats important to experiment.

Watch the video for “Hall of Horrors” below

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