April 5, 2018


Chicago-based singer-songwriter Elijah Noll first emerged on the music scene during summer 2016 when he dropped his debut single “Ride” ; he went on to release his debut mixtape ‘Delusional’ several weeks after. His pop influences helped in crafting his smooth ethereal sound and create the diverse 11-song mixtape, showcasing his ability to master several genres (chillwave, R&B, indie rock, classic pop and electro) while still offering an eclectic and sonically cohesive piece.

Today, Elijah Noll picked “Alive” as the new single from ‘Delusional’. In “Alive”, the multi-instrumentalist sings about how grateful he is to be alive. This slow-building track is a compelling and emotional pop song, an ode to life elevated by delicate strings, percussive guitar chords and Elijah’s sincere and raw vocals.

Speaking about the song, Elijah says: “’Alive’ is a song about going through a lot of terrible shit and then coming out the other end stronger and more grateful. When I was 12, my dad died of Cancer. I spent much of my life living in hospitals, to the point where it felt normal. When I was 15, I had open heart surgery during a time where I was already so depressed, I wasn’t actually afraid of dying. Being that low let me really feel what the darkness felt like. ‘Alive’ is the feeling of finally waking up one morning with a new perspective. A realization that as fucked up as things might get, I’m here and I’m breathing.”

The eclectic artist just released the video for the single. Set up on top of a California cliff, the luminous clip directed by Erik Rojas shows Elijah letting loose, simply celebrating life. Watch and enjoy the visual below.

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