April 15, 2018


“F*** what it costs”

West-London rapper Life just dropped his first mixtape of 2018, 0-90, and he’s got a head start on the UK hip-hop scene with poetic flows and hard-hitting bass & beats. Serving as the last single on the mixtape, Lemon Sherbet could easily be mistaken for an interlude with it’s 1:44 playtime, but that mistake flies out the window when you hear it.

Life started making beats in his bedroom like every other big name, but when he heard his sister watching Legend starring Tom Hardy (and of course the well-performed Lemon Sherbet scene), he got a burst of inspiration and used samples of dialogue to open & close the track. “That’s a Lemon Sherbet, that is.”

But Life isn’t moving sweets, he’s moving some potent Indica for someone close to his heart. The overall vibe of the track, coupled with the themes of rolling up and blowing tree with someone close to you, is a deadly combo that will leave you bobbing your head to the beat and rapping along with it.

“Time is going quicker than it’s coming”

A soulful, yet powerful piano-laden beat produced by PRGRSHN and Tuamie drives the connect straight to our ears. The mixtape is fueled by Nasir Jones’ publication Mass Appeal, who released a music video for Lemon Sherbet, which has bonus footage at the end from a couple more tracks from the 0-90 mixtape.

The full 0-90 mixtape is now available on Life’s SoundCloud.

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