April 15, 2018


It’s time to drop the Dropkick Murphys and ship up to Boston to catch some heat from Cleveland-native TyC. Collaborating with Cleveland’s bar-dropping up-and-comer, Curly Chuck, and help on the hook from Sonny Step, TyC has easily released the biggest hidden gem of March. Get Down, itself, has been appearing for many as a YouTube ad before another music video, but is now loaded up out of the volition of the listeners, not ad-space marketing.

Headbanging over an old synthesizer, TyC has this track sexily blending Pop and Hip-Hop beats with fire bars and a ballad-esque hook for a brand new kind of Hip-Hop anthem. A rising star producer, formerly of the band Carousel, TyC took 2017 to work on his own unique sound and style. Shadow producing and collaborating with artists from several labels, he’s been turning out a steady stream of bangers and accompanying music videos.

TyC’s latest works have been incredible at showcasing his musical talent/ability, but have also done great justice to his collaborating artists. Since the release of the track on SoundCloud and the video on YouTube, the online presence and popularity of both Curly Chuck and Sonny Step have risen significantly.

The mix of the 3 artists on the track appears obscure and offbeat, but together they make an uplifting and deadly combination. The chemistry of the artists and their performance for the video are too much for a witty array of words. If you’re in the mood for something more along the lines of (sexy) Electro-Soul, I highly recommend TyC ft. Sonny Step – Now or Later.

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