April 21, 2018


Monowhales (no more gingerale) are back this week with a new video for “Real Love”. The visuals are so pleasing from the pink mold the band is stuck in to the matching black and white wallpaper/outfit checkerboard patterns.

Weighing in at a perfect 4 minutes in length, the band continues to provide a sonic masterpiece from blending synths, smooth electric guitar and Sally’s beaming vocals. The simple four on the floor kick drum pattern keeps you head bobbing to the melodies. The simple “huhs” in the bridge are even well-done and compliment the dynamic shift.

“The minute you’re gone

I surrender, Pretend

that you’ll be back in 3 days”

She’s yearning for more real love in a generation that lacks commitment and connection.

Spoiler Alert: I love how at the end you see how all the scenes are done. Press It and West Films killed this one. All about the fun visuals to match powerful music.

#indierock #monowhalesreallove

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