April 29, 2018


Revealing his latest single ‘SAYONARA’, 19 year-old Aries follows up the success of his smash ‘CAROUSEL’ with a riveting self-produced anthem about goodbyes.

This joint has that modern Post Malone/Blackbear type vibe. It’s a great blend of borderline distorted r&b vocals over that almost sound like blink 182 punk type era at times but still hold a heavy urban presence. It’s the guitar sounds and moody melodies that provide a bridge between the punk and current R&B feel.

Aries explains that “SAYONARA focuses on goodbyes. From situations where you have to say goodbye too soon to situations where you’re not able to say goodbye at all. There’s an irony in the song as the message is pretty dark but it’s delivered over an uplifting beat”.

Within the current world of R&B fusion, this is a refreshing sound that adds a new aesthetic to the scene. ‘SAYONARA’ will be self-released through Aries’ label WUNDERWORLD. Listen below!

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