April 29, 2018


Conn Raney is a recording artist born in Modesto, California whose obsession with music and this industry started when he heard his first Rap song, “Gangsta’s Paradise” by rapper Coolio.

Once hearing this song, it completely changed his perspective on music and life.

Conn Raney’s music finds its roots in hip-hop but the eclectic artist has been exploring several different genres. His debut EP, ‘Parts’, released in 2013, was mostly influenced by electro-pop sounds. ‘Parts’ and other releases such as ‘The Good Lifeits’ and ‘Truth’ showed Conn Raney’s wide music spectrum (including House, Pop and Electro) and his ability to produce and write something other than Hip-Hop music.

He is back today with a powerful new single inspired by his grandfather. “Show Up” is an upbeat, catchy and energetic hip-hop song with elements of pop music incorporated and comparable to Imagine Dragons’ sound. Raney’s lyrics are uplifting and the story relatable as every person who has lost someone they deeply care about in the past may feel their presence or energy around them, like someone watching over them.

“This song was written about my grandfather, William Pearce, who passed away 11/28/2016. Despite suffering from PTSD he never stopped showing up for me. Whether I was playing football, going to graduate school for psychology, or writing music he supported me unconditionally. I hope you enjoy my tribute to him.” explains the up-and-coming artist.

We can’t wait to hear more from Conn Raney.

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