April 29, 2018


Progressive R&B singer/songwriter JSPH (pronounced Joseph) has been on our radar and other countless online publications and artists for quite some time now. In late 2016, he was praised by Pharrell Williams nonetheless and his single “Breathe” got some playtime on Pharrell’s OTHERtone Beats1 radio show. This year, JSPH’s single, “ComeMyWay”, landed him placement on Netflix’s original tv series “On My Block”.

The Kentucky-born recording artist takes the notion of nostalgia to another level and turns it into a sophisticated aura with the pure, raw and ethereal sound incorporated to his progressive soul; reminiscent of fellow experimental R&B artists Gallant and Jakob Ogawa.

With “When You”, his first track of 2018, JSPH confirms he is definitely the one to watch with his distinct falsetto and heartfelt lyrics. Produced by DJ Corbett, “When You” balances JPSH ‘s blissful vocals with aerial acoustics, thumping drums and bass and haunting back vocals.

“When You” is a catchy track full of groove that will make you want to put it on repeat in an endless loop. Check it out below.

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