April 28, 2018


URIAS blesses us on this track with an elegant vocal tone and an even nicer rarely appearing falsetto. It’s in somewhat rap-style delivery with production with subtle trap elements too. It’s a nice blend of lullaby sounding piano keys with darker undertones accompanied from the gloomy visuals.

“Head High” pulls from influences of 90’s hip-hop and trip-pop that contribute to the enigmatic lyrics allowing listeners to forge their own perception. The genre-warped, baritone vocal splits and gritty realness puts this track in a category of its own and gives the power to resonate with a vastly diverse audience.

At first listen I was trying to think who her tone reminded me of and all I can think of is Dej Loaf slightly? It’s good that a comparison can’t be easily drawn which makes this a unique product. Enjoy below.

#urban #uriasheadhigh

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