May 2, 2018


Christopher brings us a groovy pop tune named “Bad.” The track has clean vocals, familiar yet still unique production and an infectious hook with memorable vocal chops and twinkles. The harmonies are totally boy-band material too, it has the full structure and appeal of some good ol’ classic pop music.

Christopher has been grinding since 2011 and is a platinum selling artist in Denmark after his album “Closer” sold over 2 million worldwide. “Bad” is the first single following his short hiatus as he has been working behind the scenes for a while now.

When speaking to 26 year-old Christopher about the track he says “It’s about a poisonous love romance between a couple who, despite the pain they both know that they can inflict on each other, they just cannot be apart”

The song was co-written by Alexander Tiderbrink and Finnish producer Leeno.

Despite the Soundcloud numbers, Christopher has 700 million streams worldwide (on more relevant streaming services clearly, boo Soundcloud). This includes 3 albums and 15 official singles which went either gold or platinum.

We look forward to more from the budding Danish creator. Listen to “Bad” below.

“You’re so good at being bad!”

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