May 2, 2018


Montreal-based artist, Matthew Chaim dropped his new single “Nobody But You” late last month.

The single is such a fun dance beat, filled with a catchy hook and rhythm that we had to share it here on NU.Chaim explains,

“I wrote this tune in about two hours in Los Angeles with Noah Barer. The nostalgic feel of the beat quickly inspired this story in my head about a married couple in their 40s celebrating the love they’ve shared since the beginning of their relationship.”

After sharing the new video for the single on his Facebook page, Chaim received many comments on the post of people tagging their significant others.

Chaim reflects, “Since writing this song, I can’t stop playing it back. Usually I don’t swear in my music, but I just find this such a fun tune that makes you want to move.”

Chaim has already garnered over 2.5 million streams online. His debut single, the addictively ambient “Vanilla Ways”, immediately met online buzz and hit #5 on the Spotify Viral Charts.

Most recently, Chaim released his newest single “Crash” which you can stream here:

Listen here

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