May 9, 2018


Donald Glover’s an unstoppable human. With his hit series “Atlanta” taking off, his role in the upcoming Star Wars movie and hosting and performing May 5’s Saturday Night Live he’s not quite finished. Childish Gambino dropped two singles actually, but we’re here to discuss the music video for “This is America” It is currently #1 trending on Youtube with almost 57M views.

Directed by “Atlanta” director Hiro Murai, the video is pretty surreal and packed full of messages. Filmed in a warehouse,

you’ll find a shirtless Gambino but pay close attention to the background too.

Murders occur, but the guns are treated more delicately than human lives in the video — a strong statement given the current debate over gun control. The imagery also has sparked conversation about several other themes, including police brutality, social media habits and what people are really paying attention to in the United States.

Taken from one twitter user’s tweet:

“The fact that Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ tackles police brutality, gun violence, media misdirection, and the use of African Americans as a brand shield, all while dancing in Jim Crow-style caricature, shows a transcendence or mere performance and demands attention.”

The dancing and mindless rap instrumental/vocal approach represents the overall distraction from the chaos happening in the background. The ignorance to real life issues in America, potentially a specific reference to the mass amount of meme/dance move culture on social media.

It’s ironic too because many memes are popping up using scenes from the video. This proves Gambino’s point further.

The action-packed visual comes on the heels Kanye West’s controversial Twitter spree, in which the rapper repeatedly endorsed Donald Trump and made an ill-advised comment about slavery.

The production is by Gambino and Ludwig Göransson. Alex Tumay (Young Thugs engineer) is also responsible for the ad-libs from Young Thug, 21 Savage, Migos,

Watch below and pay close attention for a sneaky cameo too.

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