May 10, 2018


Less than 3 months after his debut EP San Diego based artist Kennan Billamoria, known as zennan, has teamed up with Bay Area artist Shane Ciora aka Gerastic, who would be days removed from his own EP release, to drop a banger of a single. And with the hot weather coming, this is the perfect tune to get sunny with.

Worlds definitely collided between Gerastic and zennan, but we couldn’t be happier.

“Blossoms feat. Sebara” is more of the same from zennan’s “Ocean’s” EP, but better. zennan once again shows off his own vocal capabilities while also showcasing another upcoming talent in Sebara; zennan clearly knows what made tracks like “Oceans” and “Ripples” so good. Emotionally charged lyrics and a wonderful blend of Trap, Nu Disco and Future Bass sounds help create a mood and story for the listeners delight.

However, Gerastic’s fingerprints are more than evident. Lo-fi, ambient, in the chill-zone, Gerastic brings a very mellow mood to the collaboration, bringing his roots in hip hop drums and upbeat melodies to the table. His mood has a more old school vibe to it and it definitely not going to get you up and moving, instead down, chilling, enjoying yourself to his mellow groove.

The result is a smooth and yet still upbeat and poppy sound. All of the best from both artists seemed to have found a very happy medium and Sebara’s r&b influenced vocals is the cherry on the cake.

With both artists both evidently feeling inspired and putting out work this collaboration is hopefully a sign off things to come from both artists.

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