May 17, 2018


Toronto singer Shaeane is back with her second hit “Joker” as a follow-up to “Bag of Bones”. It’s another electro-pop banger with very catchy and commanding segments that will grab your attention. Her vocal display is stronger than ever on this track and she sings about independence or rather insisting others aren’t dependent on her.

“Don’t wanna be the villain in your story

I don’t wanna always be at fault

In this game I always play the Joker

And you always play the victim card”

Instantly the tropical summer vibes pull you in and the more the song progresses, you’re hit with tasty electro segments that make this track stand out from the others. Dan Borgers and Tayo Jacob both produced this joint and once again show their versatility across the boards no matter the genre.

As a new artist to the scene Shaeane is already seeing quite some progress with this release. “Joker” has surpassed 60,000 streams and landed on seven Spotify playlists (see below) and is now #39 on Canada’s Viral 50.

Now we’re extra excited for her EP to drop late 2018.

Listen on Spotify or your streaming platform of choice HERE.

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