May 24, 2018


Australia’s Jacob Lee delves into some dark places on his new track “Cursed”. The track, written from the perspective of an individual struggling with schizophrenia, explores the simultaneity of harmony and discord.

Probing to depths normally only delved by the most nihilistic of philosophers, Lee dwells ominously on what “they say”. The “They” to which Lee refers is left ambiguous, perhaps negative forces inside or out. With a vocal range as vast as the landscapes he wanders in the track’s video, Lee is broken down but rearranges the pieces into beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns.

Navigating the music industry independently as a self-made artist, Lee intends to stay true to his clearly strong and committed artistic vision. Despite the melancholy that pervades the track, Jacob Lee should certainly have some hope for the future.

#indierock #jacoblee

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