May 24, 2018


Contrary to popular belief, Drake does not have a monopoly on bops about woes in the six. Without self-indulgent mourning, Toronto’s Lo Lo finds inspiration in heartbreak. Overcoming the cruel irony of a breakup on April Fool’s Day, her debut single “Yours” is equal parts melancholic and sanguine, accessible while maintaining depth. Her unpretentious indie pop substitutes somber croons for a captivating guitar hook, a buildup to the chorus swells with catharsis. A bubblegum pops right before the chorus sinks, which will bounce around your brain for weeks to come. Warning: it may bring back memories of your high school sweetheart, those both fond and not-so-much. Bearing all the hallmarks of the perils of young love (doodles on a notebook, the meanings we attach to sweaters and necklaces), while straddling more mature themes like self-doubt, and compensating for love lost with “getting high and kissing strangers”. While she dwells ruefully on the past on the track, anticipate hearing her on local airwaves in the future.

#loloyours #indiepop

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