May 27, 2018


Singer/songwriter Mikey Pro created Foresteater back in 2015 after a dream he had about “a band playing on an island in outer-space surrounded by electric rainbows.” In 2016, the band released their debut EP ‘Nightlife of the Exploding Heads’ to critical acclaim by music blogs and the unsigned indie music scene. Since, Foresteater has been releasing singles and videos while building their fanbase and touring the US with Grey Smith on Drums and Zak Bracy on Bass.

Earlier this month, the Foresteater returned with a brand new politically charged track titled ‘Pretend Land‘. Produced by Bob Hoag and Mikey Pro, the new cut is a mix of raw, woozy guitar riffs with breezy melodies and dreamy vocals. “Musically, I tried to fit a bunch of different rock genres that I like into one cohesive piece,” explains the multi-instrumentalist.

Speaking further of the song, Pro says: “I didn’t plan on writing this song, it just sort of came out one day. I think I had become too overwhelmed with the ugliness and hopelessness I had been seeing and feeling since Trump came into office and there was no way this song wasn’t making it’s way out of me. It’s a song about feeling extremely hopeless and pessimistic about the future and self medicating to make yourself feel better about overwhelming things. It’s a song that remembers we are all just humans making it up as we go and that could be a very scary truth.”

Listen to ‘Pretend Land’ below!

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