May 29, 2018


The music of Freedom Fry is at once timeless and yet embedded in history. They took their name from French-American tensions during the Iraq War, and their finger-picking string-heavy instrumentation, paired with impeccable harmonies, is yet another progression in the rich tradition of American folk. Bathed in the sunlight of California, Freedom Fry makes the musical equivalent of a thrifted Hawaiian shirt, worn unbuttoned in a cool breeze. They sound like a ditty a member of the Fleet Foxes would play their lover while wandering a shoreline, something Ed Sharpe might make if he could sober up for a few days, or if Simon and Garfunkel were in love with each other. Undoubtedly, Freedom Fry are the folk revival we have been waiting for. Laid back and yet emotionally charged, their new track “Cold Blooded Heart” is a tune of icy hostility. The band, composed of married couple Marie and Bruce, blend matrimony with harmony. Despite the loneliness and alienation that pervades the song, the duo’s deep connection bleeds through. Immediately, the song brings to mind the soundtrack for a camera panning away from a dramatic scene in a movie you may or may not have scene before. Their debut album comes out June 1, 2018.

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