June 2, 2018


Benny Mayne is at it again, and this time he’s partnered with Jutes to bring us yet another smooth and rhythmic jam. Their new song “attitude” sends the message that while having an attitude in this age of dating might appeal to some, they prefer when their girls keep it real! Aside from just the lyrics, this song pairs well with Benny’s “bounce” (which I wrote another piece about… check it out!), while being distinctly its own. When hip-hop meets refreshingly honest lyrics like “you seem jaded since you moved out to LA” and “we don’t get along but we try”, it’s hard not to find yourself proclaiming this your new song of the summer!

Like benny mayne, jutes is another up and coming Canadian artist who I’m quickly falling in love with! He’s known for his raw lyrics, and I can’t say I’m surprised after listening to “attitude”! He’s found himself a spot on a few official Spotify playlists including “Pretty When You Cry” and “Everything” by dance/hip-hop artist Tarro, so it’s safe to say that he’s having no trouble getting his name out there!

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