June 4, 2018


Singer and songwriter, RALFY recently dropped his single, “Charger,” which was co-written by BBC Sound of 2017 nominee, RAYE.

Hailing from Hertfordshire, the same place that also brought us, George Ezra, Sam Smith and Charli XCX, this raising pop star will definitely have you singing along to his new jam.

RAYE describes him as,

“He’s a super special one, awkwardly brilliant and is unafraid to lyrically say what’s what. I’m backing him all the way.”“Why are we so scared to talk about sex? Charger comments on how we are so so scared to talk about it- and that’s just bull*hit. Why do we need to speak in innuendos? and whispers? – let’s start talking about one of the most human things ever – I want to be a massive pop artist, but I still want to have a voice. Maybe I’d get my boy/girl if I just came out with it and said shit”

Lyrics include:”Well here’s an innuendo cos’ I’m just to shy to say it. If you were a phone baby, Could I be the charger?”

Check out the new single here:

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