June 8, 2018


Lipp is a new indie-pop band (are you starting to understand just how much I love indie-pop?!) consisting of piano teacher and science student Aaron Gorman, and gymnastics instructor soon-to-be PTA Jackie Gamboa, hailing from none other than fabulous Las Vegas. Fresh out of the studio in late 2016, they released their first ever single titled “Ur Rhythm”, a tropical house track perfect for showing their versatility from the start! With the overwhelming popularity of this song, Lipp jumped in headfirst and are working hard to release as much music throughout this year as possible! From these efforts came their newest song, “Ghost”.

“Ghost” is about as honest as songs come. Taking the risk of stepping away from their usual sound, Lipp knew that this new dark alt-pop song needed to be written so that they could share just how lonely being alone can be. Much like how a ghost is only the remainder of a person, being apart from the one you love can make you feel incomplete. “Ghost” is a very smooth song, utilizing Jackie’s silvery vocals in perfect contrast with the sharp snapping of fingers in the background and the echoing guitar strumming heard close to the end.

If there’s one thing to be said about Lipp, it’s that what happens in Vegas… goes global. Can’t wait to hear them everywhere!

#indiepop #lippghost

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