June 12, 2018


Heating up with the weather is Bay Area artist Jay Summer‘s third instalment of a year and a a project, “breathalyzer”.

Jay Summer has described his project, that draws on his move from small town Massachusetts to California, as a kind of introverted, yet hyperbolized account his opinions on the music industry and big city life.

“breathalyzer” is wavy, meaning you’ll want to be beach-side (or poolside) when this short but sweet tune comes on. A slow tempo, melodic guitar riff pulls the listener in and preps them for Summer to flex his soulful and full sounding voice and carry them away on a day dream. A pop inspired synth helps round out the groovy and swaying song.

Despite the happy and relaxed vibes this song puts out, a close listen reveals somewhat sad lyrics. Summer says this song is a transition between his last release, “Look Part” and the yet to be released fourth instalment. “Look Part” took a look at fitting into a new crowd and landed a few sarcastic jibes along the way. Perhaps ‘breathalyzer”, which ends by repeating “I’ve got good credit anyway” is another shot at a glitzy California lifestyle.

Whichever the case, look out for the rest of Jay Summer’s project slated to drop throughout rest of the year. With serious vocal talent and a adding his own flair to familiar sounds, Jay Summer is looking to heat things up and make a statement.

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