June 14, 2018


“Sugar/Money” is the second video for the Austrian band Hearts Heart’s sophomore album “Goods/Gods” and follows the bands trend of being quirky, experimental and jovial.

“Sugar/Money’ was originally released as a live set in a hotel room. Schorsch Feierfeil brings an already lively and eclectic song to new levels with some out unbelievable animation. This video is cute and strange at the same time. Sweet and beautiful moments of small drawing are interchanged with psychedelic and transformative sequences or melting and morphing transitions.

Like the song, and the bands work, this video is a mix of everything and at the same time it’s own creation. enigmatic and thoughtful this video accompanies the lead singer’s falsetto and the airy, tube like synths wonderfully and will make you move in ways you didn’t imagine.

This video is exciting to watch and exemplifies the “thrill of immediateness” the band looks to convey through their music.

#indierock #heartsheartssugarmoney

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