June 13, 2018


Louis-Louise Kay AKA MOWUKIS, a multi-instrumentalist, and ever changing musician gives us part 1/2 of his two track release, entitled “Burn The Whole House Down”. An emotional journey that will capture you for its entire five minutes.

MOWUKIS has spent years collaborating and experimenting with various bands, composing for movie directors, video games, choreographers, and many other projects, which can really be seen through his releases. MOWUKIS’ skill set, and ability to bring various sounds together, and blend them into something new is quite impressive, and shines in today’s industry.

“Burn The Whole House Down” begins with some serene production, and lulling vocals courtesy of Mowukis himself. The production starts to gain ground, after pulling you in with its angelic feel, and holds you in place in a calming environment. MOWUKIS’ emotionally charged lyrics feel right at home here, on one of the most calming, and soothing tracks of the year.

“The first song to come out of this effort is “Burn The Whole House Down”, a slow and rather dark track, which I find has some kind of quiet light in it, some solace, maybe. Either way I’m very happy to share it with you all today, and hope you’ll enjoy it.” – MOWUKIS

If MOWUKIS is offering the type of musicality that you enjoy, than your in luck, as “A Quick Stab In The Heart” part 2/2 of his two art release can now be heard.

“This one is called “A Quick Stab In The Heart”. It’s still melancholic, but it’s more uplifting in some ways, more combative. What I’m sure of is, it’s an intimate piece of music, and I’m glad I finally get to look at it from outside and share it with the world, hear it resonate, it really feels like an accomplishment, a good place for me to start anew and move on.” – MOWUKIS

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