June 21, 2018


From out of the shadows and into the spotlight, Huey Blue is a seasoned artist looking to carve his own. Having been in the industry for some time as a band member in the The Vernons and helping produce for a number of local acts, Byron Bay artist Hugh Tait is no new face in some musical circles.

“Switchblade” is the lead single for the upcoming, debut album “Friday Anxiety”. Rhythmic and jammy and inexplicably captivating to the hips, this song showcases the range of Huey Blue’s instrumental ability as a producer. A little bit on the classic pop rock, surf rock side, “Switchblade” perhaps isn’t the best inclination of whats to come; Huey Blue is also no stranger to splashing a little hiphop and dub into his work, but this definitely sounds closer to his stuff with The Vernons.

Vocally, Huey Blue delivers an exceptionally soulful and fun vocal performance. Smooth, soulful and full of character Huey Blue is definitely a multi talented person with chops on the mic. Dreamy and light, theres a nostalgic ease and calming that comes through the vocal harmonies.

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