June 21, 2018


One of Norway’s most exciting hip-hop acts Pasha, brings us a funky single called “Purple Pudding”, off of his highly anticipated release “PARK.”

Pasha, the 23 year old from Bærum, Norway works to blend nostalgic 90’s vibes with quirky, playful, and funky hip-hop. Previously part of the rap duo Moonshine, Pasha has chosen to go on his own path, and focus on a solo career. Pasha’s first singles “Around the Area” and “Colorblind” topped Spotify’s viral lists all over Scandinavia, and were featured on The Ride Channel, and YouTube taste-makers Rap City.

In 2017, Pasha played more than 40 shows, including performances at the X GAMES, with even more in the pipes slated for 2018.

“Purple Pudding” starts off with an infectious head bopping beat coupled with Pasha’s addictive flow. Throw on some top notch melody for the hook and you have an excellent release from the Norwegian rapper. Pasha has found the vibe he wants to give off, and has mastered every aspect of it.

On “PARK.”, Pasha salutes the people who have been cheering him on since the beginning of his career. Being talked about as one of the great live acts from the Scandinavian urban scene, Pasha has been building his following after pouring his charisma, and energy into everything he puts out, and he’s not stopping here.

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