July 4, 2018


‘Why Would You Lie’ is the latest single from Demi Grace, a Bay area, London born model/singer of Nigerian descent. As a young girl she found inspiration in artists such as Beyonce, Missy Elliot and Janet Jackson and has been cultivating an identity in the music industry. She has been in haircare advertisements, hosted events alongside some A-list music artists and danced backup for an idol of her’s in Beyonce.

Grace has been musically recognized by international outlets citing her refreshing sound and content. Her early work has been popular in Brazil and Germany and truly reflects her diverse background.

Staying true to her roots Grace’s latest single is laced with Caribbean and West African influences creating a groovy and extremely vibe heavy bop. Grace has a deep and full voice and she brings a lot of heart an emotion into her anthem like song about love and love lost. In a truly unique mix of pop and afro beats this song is at times high energy it in equal measure lays back and lets the bass sink in. A very Keri Hilson-esque bridge brings a little melodic treat as well.

Demi Grace is currently working on a visual project an hopes to continue to bring together people from around the world and being a positive role model for young women. Hard work, education, faith and confidence are big principles and they sure seem to be paying off in her music career. Alone late at night, swaying to the moon or singing your heart out with friends in the ride, this song will comfortably satisfy either mood.

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