July 6, 2018


Australia’s own singer/producer Glenn Lumanta, “Lift’s Off” with a soothing new R&B infused soul single of the same name, featuring Nak.

Emerging from West Sydney, Glenn had always had an affinity from even a young age. For most of his early years, Glenn would either be learning how to play piano by ear, or listening to his fathers old stereo, which would always be blasting tunes from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and the like.

Gifted with a unique voice that is shaped by a variety of artists between musical genres, Glenn has delved into the realms of Jazz, Neo Soul, Hip Hop and many more.

Most of Glenn’s music is completely self-produced and “Lift Off” is no different.

The introduction to this song is simply amazing. Starting off with the sounds of digital drums fading in, overlayed with some seemingly perfect piano, and a touch of funky synths to create a mesmerizing start to this soothing track. Glenn’s top notch vocals are next up, which offer up an impressive cohesiveness to the production, and real lyrical content to boot. “Lift Off” features Nak, an emcee from the United States who offers a terrific addition of hip-hop to the already incredible track.

“This song is about chasing a future version of yourself, but feeling crippled by our own anxiety to get to where you want to be. Featuring a friend of mine from the states who is an incredible lyricist, Nak.”

As a first time listener to Glenn, and Nak as well, I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of music these two are releasing. Each moment of their music has been polished perfectly, and it really shows. Glenn’s last release was his 2017 debut EP “In My Element” which offers more of musical mastery we’ve already come to know, and love, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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