July 6, 2018


MAAD, the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, DJ, and fashion icon known for her adventurous, ambitious, and provocative music is back with another hit single: New Religion.

Originally from New Jersey, MAAD has spent recent years modelling for top publications and brands such as ELLE, L’Oreal, Seventeen, and Maybelline, while working with the likes of some high profile industry partners such as: The Stereotypes, GRADES, and Bizness Boi. Coming off of the 2016 release of her EP LÉ FUNK, and the eye-catching footage from her “90s Love” visual, MAAD has already made it clear that she’s a formidable singer of high-sheen, state-of-the-art R&B, an inspirational force, and a new voice to follow.

“New Religion” begins with some soothing production courtesy of the grammy nominated GRADES, whom sets MAAD up with sleek, synth-drenched production which both amplifies her mystique, and knack for a catchy melody. MAAD’s addictive vocals soon demand center stage, imparting glamour and confidence through every moment.

The visual is directed by Paulo Bereran, a London-based filmmaker whom worked with MAAD on the visual for “90s Love”. The sensuality of Berberan’s cinematography is a perfect match for MAAD’s steamy pop-R&B, and together, they’ve created one of those rare videos where every moment demands, and rewards close engagement.

Of course, MAAD makes Berberan’s job easy. In a short time, MAAD’s become a master of club-flavored pop music, and “New Religion” holds that reputation high. It’s the latest in a line of noteworthy singles from the singer, which you can look forward to being officially released on her new EP, expected later this summer.

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