July 6, 2018


Born in Grenada and raised in East Hampton, T-Shyne moved into the Bronx and began to carve out his place in New York City’s hip-hop scene. After years of honing his craft and establishing his own style T-Shyne has started to make a huge name for himself.

Within a year, the rising star has been a part of two national tours with Young Thug. Keeping up with this momentum T-Shyne has been busy in the studio recording for an upcoming project titled “The Immaculate.” Most recently, T-Shyne dropped “Word of Mouth.”

“Word of Mouth” draws from a devastating life event that happened to the artist. Looking back on this experience, it is easy to appreciate each and every little thing and that is the emotion T-Shyne draws upon.

“Word of Mouth is a powerful record for me because of where my life was at when I wrote it. On one end I was dealing with a situation where a couple people tried to break into my crib with guns out, and on the other I was being offered a record deal. Making that song put a lot of things into perspective, and let me know I can’t just think that I’ve got time. Me and my homies could have gotten killed that night. But we made it out and that’s when I changed my way of living, my way of thinking, and my work ethic. Now I go to the studio pretty much everyday,” said T-Shyne.

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