July 10, 2018


Melancholy Lo-fi sounds introduce Hues by Doze. Smooth harmonies then carry the vibe into a soulful bounce painting vivid pictures through (literally) colourful lyrics. The song is a representation of how it feels to try and interpret the emotions of someone you’re in a relationship with, and being lost. The hues changing is a metaphor for the emotions changing towards your significant other. This song does a great job of dynamic contrast and well carried vocal approach and variety through different ranges, harmonies and even filtered adlibs.

This singer/producer/lover hails from Providence, Rhode Island. Hues is the 2nd track on his Soundcloud and this unique sound and delivery is promising for Doze. Listen closely to his lyrics too, you can tell he crafts each word carefully and they hold important meaning. We look forward to more from him.

#urban #dozehues

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